Forex Megadroid Review an Honest Review from a Real Trader!



The video below is what you will get when you buy the Forex Megadroid robot. I show you an inside look at the files you get + the pdf that you receive. The owners of the Forex Megadroid have already sent out an updated robot and pdf so they are keeping on top of things quite nicely.   Take a look at the review video it is about 7 minutes in length.

Review Video is Below

FOREX MEGADROID REVIEW: Is Forex Megadroid worth it? @ Yahoo! Video

This Forex robot was released to the public on March 31st with a lot of buzz. But does it deliver?  I have started trading the Forex megadroid forex robot with Real Money on April 20th, 2009 and you will see my weekly results when you join our email list. So far I am quite pleased with the robot.

The owners of the RCTPA robot (Albert Perrie and John Grace) say they have combine 38 years of trading experience. A lot of that is sales pitch I am sure but that is what they say anyway. Personally, I don't care what the back story is I am interested does the forex robot make money?  Demo trading the first week looked promising you can see our weekly results videos on this page. We decided to do real money trading and test out the system.

As far as our Forex Megadroid review again you can check it out in the video.  However those of you with a slow computer that can't view the video I will give you some highlights and drawbacks of the system.


1. It is a robot so you don't have to watch the trading all day long.  You can have it setup and walk away.

2. Its not expensive just $97 so it won't be out of reach of traders. (Honestly if you can't afford $97 you don't have a big enough account to trade forex anyway!)

3. They have a 5 minute setup pledge.  They say it only takes 5 minutes to download and install the robot. It was quite easy if you like to read stuff etc.. You might take a little longer or if you are new to meta trader 4 brokers may take you a little longer but too long at all. Quite easy to setup.

4. Only trades the EUR/USD. For some people that is probably a drawback.  I kind of like it.  The reason its a very stable and well traded pair.  So the spreads are very low no matter what broker you use.

5. It is a clickbank product so it has a 60 day money back guarantee. If its not making you money just send an email to clickbank and they will refund your money.


1. It only trades when your computer is on.  So you have to leave your computer running during the trading times which are from roughly 3pm eastern (7pm gmt) to 8pm eastern (12 midnight gmt).  Now there is a solution to this drawback you can use a hosting account. We use Forex VPS which is $35 a month and works well.

2. Customer Service from Forex Megadroid is a bit slow.   We have tested out Customer Service on 2 occasions they do actually answer emails however it does take 2-3 days for them to get back with us.   We here at Forex Megadroid Review give you additional customer service for the Forex Megadroid robot.  So if you have a question we try and get back with you within 24 hours.  That is a benefit of buying from us. (We also give you access to us via Skype so you can get instant answers.)

3. I would have liked to see more video in there download section but that is just me I like to see video rather than PDF.  However their information is clear.  And again all that matters is does it make money?

So really the drawbacks I have found were minor in detail and we at Forex Megadroid Review try and give you solutions to any drawbacks you may encounter.

Some Additional Information on Forex Megadroid 

1. We are using for our forex broker to trade this robot.   We will see how it goes we have had success with Alpari on a different robot so that could be another option. 

2. The RCTPA driven Robot Forex Megadroid only trades the EUR/USD.  It doesn't trade all the time.  Since there is only one pair you may not get a signal for a day or two. Not too worry it isn't about trading as much as possible in the end all that matters is how much money it makes.

3. We are offering some really cool bonuses if you purchase the Forex Megadroid Robot from our site.   You can check out our bonuses that we are offering Forex Megadroid Bonus

Below you will find our weekly results videos on the Forex Megadroid system.  We are now trading the system with real money starting on April 20th.  We will update our subscriber list with our results so make sure you are on our email list.

Forex Megadroid Week 1 Results Video
Forex Megadroid Week 2 Results Video
Forex Megadroid Week 3 Results Video
Forex Megadroid Week 4 Results Video
Forex Megadroid Week 5 Results Video
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Forex Megadroid Week 38 Results Video


The above webinar was recorded on April 9th and lasts about 30 minutes. If you are interested in the Forex Megadroid robot you should check it out. We answer many questions in this webinar. Be sure to sign up for our email list to be notified of our future FREE webinars.

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P.S  The Robot like all clickbank products has a 60 day money back guarantee.  So if you ever not happy with it you know you can receive a complete refund. You have no risk!

P.P.S  We will help you any way we can to make sure this robot is for you.  We even give you access to us via Skype so you can get all your questions answered directly by us. We give you a ton of extra support.   Look forward to working with you and happy trading